Growing Up Inside Out
Growing Up Inside Out
Whether you're two years old or 92, you can find joy and fulfilment by developing your full potential and moving into higher stages of consciousness.

Growing Up Inside Out, By Dr. Cheryl Beckett
  • brings new insight into how we grow and develop
  • shows the connection between consciousness and physiology
  • connects modern western psychology and ancient eastern Vedic psychology
  • suggests ways to move beyond old patterns of response that block continued development
People are meant to live with joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment. When we attend to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of living, we optimize the possibilities.
Find out why:
  • The world is as we are
  • Unravel the dilemma of differing worldviews.
  • Discover how a child thinks.
  • Realize why most adults don't feel fulfilled.
  • Find the path toward your own fulfillment.
Growing Up Inside Out presents a powerful new approach to human development & consciousness.

With years of research, study and experience, Dr. Beckett brings together the principles of modern western psychology and those established centuries ago in eastern Vedic Psychology.

Life is a multi-faceted experience and "Growing Up Inside Out" treats development as such. Dr. Beckett addresses all aspects of development: physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological & spiritual. She then shows how these facets are interdependent. The result is a book that treats development in a holistic manner linking child development to higher consciousness.
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