Growing Up Inside Out
Cheryl Beckett
About the Author

Dr. Cheryl Beckett is an eclectic, multifaceted author & individual. Her life adventure have brought her practical and esoteric experiences which synthesize to a focal point of tools to bring peace, joy and satisfaction which is her life's work. The book is about the developmental process to higher consciousness. She enlivens the concepts and the experience. She feels that just as everyone needs to understand horizontal day to day life, they need to be stationed in the vertical field of Pure Consciousness. This is the blueprint that was intended. This is the missing element in understanding development.
Cheryl has her MS in Psychology & Child Development, an MS & PhD in Consciousness & a PhD in Nutrition. She has certified in Touch for Health & Educational Kinesiology.

She has taught meditation in India, Switzerland, France & Germany. In addition Cheryl has taught Brain Gyms classes for the Colorado Dept. of Education as well as continuing education classes through Colorado State University. She consults with people using nutrition, psychology, Ayurveda and energy techniques. As a peace consultant her work is to find the basic element in individual and group needs to blend networks & coalitions for cooperative process.

Cheryl lives in Ft. Collins with her husband John. She has seven step children, twelve grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. She enjoys the outdoors, bike riding, and walking. She is involved in many ecological activities. Her goal is to leave the planet a better place.
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